Here’s To The Future

I’m stuck. For a good nine/ten month period I’ve been delaying and delaying my date with the reality police on the decision to stay or go. They’ve recently come a’ knocking. So I tried to make a snap decision, flipping a coin, taking Kobe-style free throws at my laundry basket with socks, rolling duct-tape across … Continue reading Here’s To The Future

Cultural Exchanges

So, my lack of Costco-philia was mainly due to the fact that for me it held almost zero relevance as I don’t know half the American brands that exist, which is in itself a talking-point:
“So you’re telling me that you DON’T have Twinkies in England?”
(Cue a look of severe pity: “poor guy, I’ll bet he has a tiny dick as well”) Continue reading Cultural Exchanges