5 thoughts on “Lift-Off”

  1. For what it’s worth, I think your recent Marathon post is a good first step. You’ll definitely need help. Maury and I couldn’t have done half as many things with the Gapcheon last year if it weren’t for you and Lisa and everyone. Same with this … I will, if nothing else, donate to your cause. Hopefully, I can toss a sponsor or two your way, as well.

  2. Looking foward to your next ukulele performance on skype! Don’t blame yourself for having truely trusted in someone. That is a good thing. There’s no real happiness without real pain.

  3. You have done a seriously wonderful and insane feat over the course of these last four days and I sincerely hope you will recover well and not have any long-lasting effects. Except of course to know that you have given of your time and talents to benefit many people you’ve never met and most likely never shall. It doesn’t get any better than that, Joe, enjoy your well-earned respite and I’d loan you my wheels if I could so you could roll yourself to work and take a load of what might be the sorest feet in South Korea or the world. =)

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