The Importance of Elsewhere.

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Elsewhere.”

  1. Hi Joe Riley,
    It’s so nice to read a new blog from you. I’m so glad that you enjoyed teaching in Korea well enough to want to return for another year! You young-uns who spread wings and sail forth into interesting new places have found a gold mine of opportunity waiting to be tapped. Here’s hoping that you enjoy every moment of the coming year and please keep writing about the journey. In the meantime, may many Jammys grace your path in life. Thank you again for your part in all the work you young people did in the interest of helping KMSS and those suffering with the disease. =)

  2. ,as a result of my frantic searching for all things Daejeon,I stumbled across your blog . I’m hoping to go there towards the end of May(like you,in pursuit of teaching the Korean masses English). Your blog,which I have read with tears of laughter rolling down my face 🙂 is wonderfully refreshing , descriptive and insightful. Your distinct British humour(I’m from Brighton) captures the essence/madness of being a foreigner in a distant land.
    Thank you for blogging your experience in a way that does not yield to self promotion! Original and spirited!

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