Here’s To The Future

3 thoughts on “Here’s To The Future”

  1. Wow, sounds like a good decision! I left the UK almost 1 year ago now to return home and I still miss Winchester so much. So don’t rush into leaving the place where you like to be. Going back feels like taking a big step in the wrong direction.
    So, hope to see you ever again 🙂

  2. Well done Joe 🙂 really happy for you!

    It certainly does seem to have been one of the best things you could have done at this part of your life and you seem to have learned alot about yourself along the way so far.. so why stop that beautiful process 🙂 good for you on making the decision.

    Reading this made me think of something I saw recently where it said about making a decision… when you flip the coin you it isn’t the result that tells you your answer… it’s in the flipping of the coin that you realise what it is you WANT the answer to be.

    Good Luck my friend

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