Chinese Reunion

One thought on “Chinese Reunion”

  1. I’d like to thank you again for sharing your wonderful blogs and for little forays into a day or two in the life of Joe Riley. As an aspiring writer, you never disappoint and I have been delighted to find you thoroughly yet subtly saturated in what the more or less English members of my Heinz 57 family would have refered to as dry wit.
    Although I always wanted to revisit England and spend more than the ten minutes I had years ago while changing planes in a London airport, I doubt at this point in my life and circumstance that I would be up to the journey, but at least I can say I have met, albeit online, someone whose writing captures the heart and soul of his curious homeland. My grandfather (the one whose old tattered suitcase defiantly held a twenty six volume leather-bound set of The Complete Works of William Makepeace Thackeray, always claimed that he was descended from a Lord Watkins of England, but I was always pretty sure he lied. =)

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