Cultural Exchanges

5 thoughts on “Cultural Exchanges”

  1. Don’t worry. Not all Americans love CostCo. I did buy a membership though, because it’s about the only place in Korea that I can get a one pound block of sharp cheddar.

    Glad to catch up on the blog. Also glad to see that you’ve unlocked the Saffer Conundrum. That’s probably why I was turned off by them, at first. They’ve got great zest for life, whereas I am a wraith, literally sapping the grass of its nutrients beneath my old, ethereal feet.

  2. “Two heads and a musketeer dancing on your nose”–what a picture. Seriously, I understand that artery-clogging Hostess Twinkies are surpassed only by artery-clogging deep-fried Hostess Twinkies. @Anna, Twinkies are creme-filled spongecakes and shaped something like little domed greenhouses. They taste a good deal better when one is twelve in age or less.

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