Enjoying the Chaos.

2 thoughts on “Enjoying the Chaos.”

  1. Awesome stuff. Yea poke tons of fun at the couple clothing. Did you guys get tons of stares for that? As for the corporal punishment I know how you feel. When I landed in Incheon, I didn’t use it but my co teacher used it liberally in front of me making children feel more horrible than I want to imagine. I just went to my happy place when he did it.
    You need to find a way to attach the …Kumdo?…stick to your hip and pull it out casually as you talk about certain aspects of the lesson.
    But as you said, never using it, but it’s there!

  2. Should of mentioned ‘no questions asked’ and also ‘the Guv’ is out 4 blood’ if your Chucks weren’t returned.
    Never knew a black Burberry + a pair of silver trousers + a kendo stick would so ominous. ㅠㅠ

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