Gratis Guinness and mini-epiphanies.

4 thoughts on “Gratis Guinness and mini-epiphanies.”

  1. Like the voice. It sounds just like you, which is the only way I know this isn't counterfeit material, not even the part about blubbering in the back o' the bus. Have fun with that sweet presentation tonight! Christine will love it. I hope it's Rated X, however. She's a bit too sheltered and cartoon-like for my cynical tastes.

  2. Love your blog! And…If it is any consolation, I have cried alone on many a bus…there is something about that solo ride that allows your mind to clear, and then to fill.

  3. Sad to hear about your wobble. I guess a small consolation is that it happened in the relative obscurity of a random bus. I had meself a bit of wobble today too…only it happened in the middle of the workday at my desk…with not a helpful Korean ajumma in sight. Happens to the best of us – hope your next week goes better

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